National Park Service – Historical Red Barn Cleanup

red barnHistorical Red Barn Cleanup

SOTERIA was retained by NPS to assist in the cleanup of the historical Red Barn located at Point Reyes National Park, Point Reyes Station, CA.  The facility is used as a conference center and storage warehouse for multiple divisions of NPS. The storage side of the barn is inhabited by California Myotis, Fringe Myotis and Freetail bats.  Soteria was retained for the cleanup of bat guano and miscellaneous debris and the subsequent disinfection of the area. Due to animal habitat laws, Soteria and NPS along with the assistance of bat experts coordinated dates to enter and clean up the barn when the bats were less likely to be impacted by project activities. The planning activities reduced the risk of aggressive bat behavior and possible exposure to viral infections. Soteria successfully and safely cleaned and disinfected the Red Barn storage area without disturbing the bats, although they were present in the facility.